Star Energy services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We build GIS solutions utilizing esri™ and other open source products.

Construction Work Plan

GIS Images

Work Order into GIS

Conversions of mapping systems

  • From a variety of electric or paper formats
  • To a MultiSpeak® based datamodel
  • Using esri™ software products

Integration and management

  • Member information
    • Name, address, etc.
    • Usage information
  • Meter AMR data
  • Device data
    • Sectionalizing equipment
    • Pole records
    • Padmount equipment
    • Capacitor, regulator, etc.
  • Data collected using GPS technology
    • Inspection data
    • GPS inventory
  • Other
    • Weather
    • AVL
    • Outage management information
    • Any other xy or spatial data
    • Job briefings

Update map systems using staking work orders

  • Automated through MultiSpeak® export from line design software
  • Digitized from hand-drawn work orders

Creation/maintenance of the electric geometric network

Data integration and maintenance enables Windmil® engineering model production

Map production

  • Map books
  • Engineering studies
  • Wall maps
  • Inspection maps
  • Custom projects