STAR’s software developers have the expertise to evaluate various client requests to produce exclusive and innovative software solutions the utility can depend on.

STAR’s Custom Created Solutions Include:

  • Usage and Demand Tool
  • Built to assist engineers create engineering models. This tool queries customer billing data to produce an output file specifically formatted to import into the engineer modeling software.
  • Customized Digital Maps
  • STAR’s software developers and GIS analysts work together to create custom maps to assist operational staff with key tasks and provide consumers with critical outage information.
  • Automated Vehicle Location (​AVL) Integration
  • STAR has developed integration services for AVL providers. These services collect the necessary data to display real-time location information for vehicles equipped with AVL devices. This accessibility allows the utility to include these vehicle locations as symbols on outage maps and any other internal GIS systems.
  • STAR developed a mobile application allowing streamlined input of facility readings on a tablet device. The application provides a data input and storage solution with reporting that meets state requirements.
  • Broadband Subscriber
  • A platform-independent application was created to manage broadband and wireless subscribers. The application also manages components of the network technologies and authentication protocols.
  • Water Facility Readings