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Inspection Services

We perform various inspections of poles, wire, pad-mount equipment, and data collection.

We focus on the needs of our clients.

Our mission is to lead the electric power industry by providing a portfolio of innovative engineering and technical solutions.

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Inspection Services

  • Line Patrol & Data Collection
  • Substation Inspection & Maintenance
  • Pole Inspection & Treatment
  • Underground Cabinet Inspection & Refinish
  • Reports & Data Submitted Electronically
    • Reports & Maps Include Data for:
      • Maintenance
      • Tree in Wire
      • Rejected
      • Priority
      • Units Needing Paint
      • And More

Underground Inspection & Maintenance Program

Inspection, notification and restoration of underground equipment, including:
  • External/Internal Visual Inspection
  • Missing or Defective Equipment
    • Labels/Tags
    • Flags
    • Locks/Bolts
    • Assemblies
  • Tilted Equipment
  • Refinishing Needs
  • Excessive Dirt
  • Openings Exceeding ½ Inch
  • ID Tag Application
  • GPS Point Locations
  • Transformer KVA, Serial & Cooperative Numbers
  • Inventory RUS Assemblies
  • Thermal Imaging

Overhead Inspection & Maintenance Program

Inspection, notification and restoration of overhead equipment, including:
  • Visual, Sound, Bore, Partial & Full Excavate Inspections
  • Missing or Defective Equipment
    • Assemblies
    • Signs
    • Guy Markers
    • Ground Rods/Wires
  • Preservative/Sterilization Application
  • Frayed/Low Clearance Conductor
  • Trees in Wire
  • Leaning Pole
  • ID Tag Application
  • GPS Point Locations
  • Inventory RUS Assemblies
  • Resistance Testing

GPS Data Collection

  • Include all overhead and pad mount equipment
  • Data collection and inventory can be provided during maintenance activities (line patrol, pole inspection, pole testing, and pad-mount equipment inspection)
  • Easily incorporate data collection and inventory into a number of field services