We utilize Esri® products or open-source software to build powerful GIS solutions with extensive possibilities. 

Mapping System Conversions:

  • Electronic and Paper Formats to a MultiSpeak® Based Data Model
  • Assist in Choosing Software Products that Best Utilize Your Data

Integration and Management:

  • Member Information
  • AMI Data
  • Electrical System Device Data
  • Inspection and GPS Inventory Data Collected
  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) Data
  • Outage Management Data
  • Update Map Systems Using Staking Work Orders
  • Create and Maintain Electric Geometric Networks
  • Esri® Server/Portal Configuration Deployment and Security
  • Data Management Using Automated Process

Web and Mobile Production:

  • CarryMap by Data East
  • Field Maps for ArcGIS®
  • Custom Web Maps Using ArcGIS® Online, Portal for ArcGIS®, or License Free Software 

Map Production:

  • Map Books
  • Engineering Studies
  • Wall Maps
  • Inspection Maps
  • Custom Projects