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We offer several software products that integrate with various applications which may already be present within the electric utility.

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Our mission is to lead the electric power industry by providing a portfolio of innovative engineering and technical solutions.

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  • PYXIS OMS™ integrates with call handling, AMI and billing systems.
  • Integrates with existing system GIS map allowing you to accurately display and record outages into history.
  • View and dispatch real-time outages throughout your organization within a multi-user environment.
  • Easily import planned outages defined in your map.
  • Calculate system-wide indices and outage statistics in seconds for any given time period and any given cause.
  • Display historical outages on your company map to analyze outage trends and target your dollars in the right areas for system maintenance.
  • PYXIS OMS™ Web Application brings the power of outage management to any device from anywhere.
  • PYXIS OMS™ Customer Outage Notifications keep your members informed of outages and restorations.

"We got hit pretty good last night with a wind storm. I was out with the crew yesterday and last night, and we used PYXIS Mobile. It made handling outages so simple. It’s unbelievable how powerful it is to have in the field. I think you guys have done an awesome job in creating a great tool for the linemen. Just wanted you guys to know that it is very appreciated."

Nic Alberson, Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative (Cornell, Wisconsin)


  • The NOVA Power Portal is a central location of information for the consumer and the utility during the application and review process for a distributed energy resource interconnection project.
  • Complete online application and tracking tool.
  • Reduces the complexity of the application process for the interconnecting customer.
  • Securely collect application fees and electronic signatures online.
  • Utilities can access submitted interconnection applications, complete the initial engineering review and communicate back to the interconnecting customers, while easily maintaining project requirements.
  • Time-stamped tracking and document storage.
  • Access to real-time queue showing application status.
  • Automated utility application status email reminder notifications.
  • Compliant with Minnesota annual reporting requirements.


  • Installable toolset for ArcGIS for Desktop Standard™ that allows the user to import work orders directly into an esri™ map from any staking platform that has a MultiSpeak® interface with supporting functions
  • Works well with StakeOut® and Partner staking
  • Completely configurable
    • not dependent upon certain layer and field names
    • works best with a geodatabase that resembles the MultiSpeak® data model
  • Able to export shape files to be used in the staking application as a background map
    • user makes changes and retirements within the work order and results are reflected in the map during import
  • Includes tools that allow the user to update customer, meter, and transformer data from any customer billing system that has an available MultiSpeak® interface with supporting data
  • Can be configured for an endless number of maps
    • one person can do imports for multiple companies from the same PC
    • toolset knows which configuration to load when a map is opened


  • Equipment database software program that provides an easy and effective solution for managing substation and utility line devices
  • Main focus is overcurrent devices and regulators
  • Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Track and store nameplate data, location information, settings, and readings
  • Record and analyze maintenance records, test results, change outs, and inspections
  • Highly customizable setup for easy data integration
  • Numerous report formats to choose from
  • Multiple reports designed for tracking and changing out line devices
  • Supports fully functional disconnected editing in the field
  • Integrates with esri™ GIS Mapping
  • Device changes made in LYNX EQDB™ are immediately reflected in mapping system


  • GIS-2-EA™ is run within the esri™ environment.  In order for the data to compile correctly a onetime setup process must be completed.  The setup process consists of defining layers, fields, and constants. The software was designed to be as customizable as possible with the ability to work with all data models.
  • GIS-2-EA™ handles the same equipment that Windmil® does, to include: sources, primary and secondary conductor, reclosers, fuses, sectionalizers, regulators, capacitors, transformers, switches, and consumers.
  • A typical compilation and file export process takes approximately one minute per substation or approximately 14 minutes for a 14,000 member utility/cooperative. These approximate compilation times reflect utilizing the full potential of the program.
  • The GIS-2-EA™ program also includes tools to do mass map edits.  One of the tools splits lines at points and another tool flips lines to match flow direction. A map with network connectivity, lines split at points of interest and lines drawn in the direction of flow are requirements for the software program to compile accurately.