Solutions to Enhance Delivery & Reliability of Electricity

Electrical Distribution circuit breakers on pole

Since the 1930s, utilities have been bringing electricity to consumers. The “day the lights came on” is an event told and retold by many in, what used to be, underserved areas throughout the United States. The accomplishment of these pioneers was only the beginning. Today’s world requires electric systems to carry many times the load of the original infrastructure. From humble beginnings in 1982, Star Federation grew to be known as STAR Energy Services in 1997, serving utilities in a variety of ways across the Midwest, creating solutions to integrate technology while supporting the legacy systems.  

Our Mission

To be a trusted partner, leading the electric power industry by providing a portfolio of innovative engineering, technical solutions, and utility services.

Our Core Values

customer service excellence

employee success



product and service leadership



STAR Energy Services is the source for connectivity enhancements for the delivery of electricity from the substation to the consumer. STAR, a power distribution engineering firm, partners with clients by gaining an understanding of their unique needs for integrating infrastructure planning, asset management, and integrity of legacy systems with current technologies.